Other Services

Other Services

Live Video Streaming: Live streaming allows a church to broadcast live video of a church service or other events over the Internet. Viewers will have the ability to watch the live streaming video from computers connected to high speed internet access, as well as from iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

    How does it work?
  1. You connect your camera to your computer.
  2. The computer is connected to the Internet and runs a free software application.
  3. Viewers will be able to see your worship service or other events by watching a player on your website or Facebook fanpage from their computer, tablet, or mobile smartphone. You can broadcast your event to persons in your community and around the world, provided they have Internet access.

Media Libraries:
Our custom built and personalized Media Libraries act as a hub of your organization's internet activity. The media library is an archiving platform that allows allows you to collect and share videos related to your organization from your website as well as from Facebook and in a mobile app. Most importantly, our HD Media Libraries are a safe environment. There are no advertisements, no conflicting messages, and you can rest assured that visitors will never have to leave your website. This service includes customizing your Media Library with the look and graphics of your website. You will have a full functioning administration panel with control over channels, videos, users and more. Unlike free Internet media libraries, there will be no inappropriate advertisements. You will have ultimate control to accept/reject all video content. In addition, you can save and display extensive videos – not the 10-minute limit like many online sites.

Custom Facebook fanpages:
Five years ago, a church without a website was behind the times. Today, if you aren’t taking full advantage of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Youtube etc.) you are missing out on the most significant development in getting the word out about your organization since the creation of the internet. If you’re not on the cutting edge, you’re missing out on sharing your church with your community! We can build a custom Facebook fanpage for you that will bring in your graphics, live video streaming, blog, calendar, images and videos, custom contact forms, and more.

Contact us to set up your live streaming or if you would like more information on our other services.