About Us

MyUMCapp.com is a partnership of United Methodist Communications’ Techshop and OCV, a leader in developing communications technologies for churches.

About Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for smartphones mark the future in church communications. Apps are an investment in sharing the United Methodist Church with the world, strategically reaching out to more diverse and younger populations. Mobile apps offer an opportunity to merge into one cohesive package communications efforts such as news, blogs, events calendars, multi-media, social media, live streaming and online training, messaging, advertising, response forms, and more. More than 100 million persons in the U.S. now own smartphones; the purchase of smartphones now far outnumbers feature phones. Most people with smartphones have downloaded 80 or more mobile apps to connect with their favorite organizations, entertainment and music, news outlets, and social media.

OCV App Development

OCV, founded by Eric Halverson, brings significant experience in developing new technologies and communications vehicles for church-related organizations and churches. Its experienced team is renowned for extraordinary customer service and superior design and development.

In April of 2012, OCV searched for United Methodist Church apps within the app store. The finding was surprising: only 28 United Methodist Churches had an iPhone mobile app. At that time, OCV had produced 8 of those 28 UM mobile apps. With more than 100 million persons in the U.S. now owning smartphones, OCV is helping to lead the way in strategic mobile communications for churches and church organizations.

OCV as service provider for the United Methodist Church

These annual conferences have selected OCV for one or more of OCV’s service – mobile apps, live video streaming, custom media libraries, and/or custom Facebook fanpages:
Alabama West Florida
Upper New York
New England
California Nevada
Eastern Pennsylvania
Southwest Texas
New Mexico

United Methodist Committee on Relief - UMCOR

In 2012, OCV created mobile apps for the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Jay Rollins, UMCOR’s communications director, selected OCV to develop the UMCOR apps taking into account OCV’s excellent pricing and outstanding reputation for customer service.
OCV developed the apps for iPhone and Android phones and tablets, and also developed a separate app for iPad for UMCOR. Through several design phases, Suzy Keenan, OCV Communications Strategist, brainstormed features, architecture, and design of the apps with Jay Rollins and the OCV tech team. OCV technical staff developed new features such as a rotating slide show header within the app; and integrated news, blog, social media, and a Donate link that allows users to donate to UMCOR missions. The UMCOR apps are available for download free of charge from the apps stores.
To see and download apps that OCV has created, search "OCVapps" in the Google Play and "OCV" iPhone app stores.

About App Development

Developing an app for iPhone and Android devices is a fairly sophisticated process. Part of the OCVapps process is the free consulting that we provide. OCV will work with you to best understand your desired outcome in terms of design, features, and architecture. Once a contract is executed, OCV will begin working on the app. Throughout the process, OCV will communicate with you regularly to provide periodic status updates. The whole process can take as little as a week but as much as six weeks, for basic apps, or, for apps with database integration and more sophisticated technology, development can take a month to six months, depending upon the amount of time to create any new features as required.

OCV will determine a production schedule with estimated completion dates and review stages with you throughout the stages of development:

1. Define app style - bars vs. icons, etc.
2. Define color scheme
3. Choose desired features
4. Define data source for each feature (RSS feeds, URL, website, push documents, etc.)
5. OCV starts app production upon completion of the graphics. OCV then sends screen shots back to you for approval.
6. OCV tests all the data sources and then links them all into the apps.
7. The apps are then submitted to Google Play (Android) and the iOS App Store (Apple) for approval. Android approval may happen overnight or in a matter of days. The Apple approval is 2-3 weeks, if approved the first time.

Training: OCV will work with you to review the finished app and walk through the maintenance procedure.

Marketing: OCV will provide QR codes for your mobile apps for you to use in marketing the apps: on your website, in email communications, print media, and social media. This will help to promote downloading your apps. (See QR code at left for the UMCOR iPhone and Android apps.)

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